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How to embody a Second Line?

How to externalize that feeling?

Community of all colors from all places.

Gather together.

Cry together.

Dance together.

Honor life together.

Parade in the streets for all to witness

growing in numbers with each block.

What a force.

The second line originated in traditional West African circles or ring dances .

The tradition was brought to New Orleans by enslaved Africans,

and has morphed into the city's infamous ritual for weddings and funerals.

The term "second line" refers to the secondary group of participants in the procession,

behind the band.

Historically, umbrellas are usually seen at the events due to the southern heat.

If you didn't have an umbrella handy, white handkerchiefs were substituted

because they were readily available in gentlemen's pockets back in the day.

Taylor Guarisco Givers second line New Orleans Mardi Gras parade French Quarter

How does all of this apply to our small biz?

We are the fans following the band,

giving music an afterlife.

Cymbals are hand spun forged metal.

They hold the vibrations of past beats..

they have soul.

You can feel it when you wear them..

you become part of their story.

Part of the musical journey.

We adore the celebratory vibe of our home state of Louisiana.

Recycling music is our contribution to the celebration of life.

Music is life.

Let the sounds that heal you

adorn you.

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