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The year is 2011.

A wedding happened.

A baby is on the way.

The 15 year old and 6 year old watch

as the adults struggle to make the holidays magical,

relentlessly tending bar and massaging at the spa.

In spare time, they also chase their passions..

the father dabbles in jam bands, the mother cycles through every art form imaginable.

New beginnings were in the crisp southern air.

It was inevitable that they inhaled the grandest idea of their lives.

He was known to wait until the last minute to produce gifts for special occasions,

which was the polar opposite of her thoughtfully planned out offerings.

On the eve of Christmas, sitting alone in their unkempt studio,

he noticed a cracked cymbal he had picked up while on tour

with local phenom, Givers.

When she opened the box the next morning,

the metal she had seen her father hit all her life

took a different form.

It was playing dress up.

Her favorite game.

Fashion and music were her most revered pleasures,

and now they danced together as one.

She learned how to cut, grind and polish them

into whatever adornments she could imagine.

Finally, she participated in the art of music like her parents.

From that gift, a business was born and continues to give an afterlife to live music.


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